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Management of Receipts Version 3.06

Program of Management of Receipts for the real-estate administration. It allows to take the administration of different communities or owners, already it is for buildings, floors(flats) or places, and of it forms totally configurable for the user. The program has a series of automatisms that allow an agile management for the periods that are defined of the different receipts, which can be proceeded by paper(role) or route with electronic portfolio.

Principal characteristics.

· It allows to support tenants' file, owners' file and managers, a building file and residential sets and a file of floors(flats) and places.
· It has a generator of insoles of receipts.
· It has a generator of concepts of lines of receipts.
· It allows to attach the ISI, IMI, IPI to the services that it they support, or a proportional part if it is managed by modules.
· It updates automatically, in the services that need it, IPC's increase.
·They can be formed, by means of the different concepts, the periods in which the receipts have to appear.
·There can be defined the concepts that need readings and the order in which they have to be realized.
· It allows to take a control of charges for building.
· It allows to assign the same concept to certain buildings with exclusions personalized by others.
· Different ranges of consumption can be formed in the readings.
· Minimums of consumption can be established with an assigned price.
· From the concepts there can be assigned automatically the texts of the invoiced periods.
· It is possible to to take a management of the receipts of deposit and the return of the same ones.
· It is possible to to define if a place is exempt of tax.
· Can re-assign with facility the places to the different tenants or owners.
· It takes the management of electronic portfolio for the processing of the receipts with the different banks.
· It has a maintenance of readings for introduction of reading or for whole of consumption.
·They can work with different coins.
·The periods of invoicing can be programmed.
· It allows to take a management of collections and of bank risk.
· The emission of receipts is automatic, with possibility of previous supervision.
· Allow to move back the totality of the last emission of receipts or to come to setbacks from the certain some received in case of needing(specifying) modifications.
· It allows to annex bank charges to a certain receipt.
·The numeration of the receipts is automatic though it allows to introduce an initial numeration.
· It allows to stamp different lists with previous visualization for screen and with possibilities of being exported.
· It has a publisher to form the different formats of receipt and tenants' labels. Receipt printing once (you can print more than one receipt on an A4 sheet).
· Allows grouping invoices by default, counters invoices and receipts.
· Allows you to send receipts in SEPA format (SEPA-CORE ISO 20022).
· It has an additional module for the Transfer to Accounting AsCompta.

System requirements:
Pentium IV 1 GHz or higher, 600 MB free disk space and 1 GB of RAM minimum.
S.O. Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10/11.

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