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Thursday, 21/12/2017
Operating Systems and Servers
Before making any update/change of software or change of hardware that necessarily implies changing the version of Windows of your operating system, especially if it has to do with the server, it is necessary that you contact us to coordinate with your computer technicians in order to guarantee the correct operation of the database. In this way, we will ensure the smooth running of our programs.

Friday, 06/09/2013
Andofarma3 is compatible with the latest technologies
ASSOES S.L. allows you to operate all kinds of machines for the automatic cash, information on products and automation of the warehouse.
Andofarma3 modules adapted to CashComplete, CashGuard, Micro-Robot KIOSC and Rowa Robot. Assoes software can get by with all kinds of devices and technologies to increase business productivity.

Wednesday, 08/09/2009
New Remote Support TeamViewerQS
ASSOES S.L. offers, for free, the program TeamViewerQS for the remote control.
It is an effective tool to improve service to our customers.
The highlight that this software allows are: remote support and remote updates
ASSOES S.L. fights for the welfare of the client, and that's why investing in speed, comfort and safety. A future in order to harness the latest technologies and promote the use of programs.

Thursday, 11/12/2008
ASSOES S.L. confronts the accounting challenges
Experts of Accounting advise the clients of ASSOES S.L. about the Law 30/2007.
A lot of clients supports ASCOMPTA as an accouting solution. Besides, part of these, have requested a countable professional advice.
ASSOES S.L. offers a software supported by specialists.

Tuesday, 26/08/2008
Contract of collaboration between ASSOES S.L. and ZOOTEC S.L.

The technological cooperation between both companies will allow to promote the software of accounting.
After the publication of the Law 30/2007 of the accounting of the businessmen, ASSOES S.L. received one avalanche of requests of his clients, interested party (like always) in to put a day his business.
Is for this motive, which ASSOES S.L. acquired the commitment to look for the most suitable solution and as soon as possible.

From now on, ASSOES S.L. will take responsability of the maintenance of the program ZOOCOMPTA or ZCOMPTA.


Wednesday, 05/10/2011
Steve Jobs, the soul of APPLE, is dead.
Dead at the age of 56 years, the ideologue of Macintosh, iPod, iPhone and iPad.
A true icon of American technology could not prevent its final destination: a cancer has claimed the lives of what has become more than a myth for the millions of users who love computers and new technologies.

Thursday, 15/10/2009
Wi-Fi Direct against Bluetooth.
The so-called Wi-Fi Alliance, more than 300 companies interested in developing Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is preparing to overthrow the middle of 2010.
It was in 1994 when Ericsson created a specification called Bluetooh industry. This ingenuity is allowed to connect inalàmbricament all kinds of devices without a local network.
But even though Bluetooth is quite useful, not finished due to solidify different factors: the low-speed file transfer, its limited scope (10 feet), and some problems of connection between devices.
Therefore, and for other reasons rather commercial Wi-Fi Alliance that aims to improve Wi-Fi freeing it from its shortcomings.
Wi-Fi Direct will continue offering the same features but allow you to connect different devices without nets. Moreover, its scope will be 100 feet.
The possibilities of the new Wi-Fi are immense for the evolution of the software in fields as varied as, for example, corporate or social.
It is to reinvent the product, although there is no guarantee that they can continue to use old Wi-Fi devices with a simple change of firmware.
This means you probably need to purchase a new wireless card for your machine: Wi-Fi Direct is clear.

Friday, 22/08/2008
20.000 euros for downloading video games across Internet.
Fine of up to 20.000 Euros in the United Kingdom for downloading video games by means of programs P2P.
Isabela Barwinska, mother of two children and without work, has been the first person that will have to indemnify with approximately 20.000 Euros Topware Interactive for having downloaded illegally the game Dream Pinball.

Tuesday, 06/08/2008
Hackers attack the web of the Government of Andorra.
The portal web of the Government of Andorra returns to suffer a computer assault
A computer pirate manages to introduce a trojan, which was lodging at any computer that wanted to connect to the web and that was not having an effective antivirus.




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